Elite Performance Training

About Us

Why Choose Elite Performance Training?

  • Here at EPT we focus on the athlete as an individual. We use pioneering science and developmental techniques that are proven to produce results.
  • We design and build a program around each athlete’s specific goals and desires in order to maximize not only their results, but their time spent with us.
  • Our programs encompass our entire team who all have a vast experience and are experts in their respective fields. We work together and compliment one anothers methods to amplify the performance progress made each session.
  • At EPT we’ve seen consistent, measurable progress from each of our athletes.
  • We have received great responses from all athletes of all sports and all ages.
  • We prepare our young athletes to make an immediate impact early on at the high school and collegiate level.
  • We have helped HUNDREDS of North Texas athletes enhance their performance.
  • Our Group/Team environment has resulted in Championships, Team Building, and Comradeship
  • We have helped athletes train smart, and continue their progress through injuries while safely and effectively rehabbing their injury.

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